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Joseph C. Hager

Background to the DataFace Web Site

A Human Face, DataFace, and Joseph C. Hager

Joseph C. Hager, Ph.D., owns the business A Human Face and is the creator and author of the DataFace Web site and its contents. He is solely responsible for the design, construction, and administration of the databases and web site, the programming of the custom Java®, HTML, JSP, SQL, and supporting applications, and the administration and maintanance of the Internet computers running them. For more information about Joseph C. Hager, see his online autobiography. Joseph C. Hager is doing business as A Human Face in Salt Lake County, State of Utah, United States.

User Information

The contents of the DataFace Web site are copyrighted by the respective owners. All text not otherwise declared is copyright © 2003 by Joseph C. Hager. All rights are reserved. Text, video, and images are available for the purpose of viewing in a Web browser and are not to be transmitted or reproduced in any other way.

Multimedia components on Dataface require the appropriate viewer or plugin. In addition to images, which should display in any browser without further enhancement, DataFace contains videos in MPEG and AVI formats, and sounds in MIDI and WAV formats. If you see warnings or messages from your browser about obtaining plugins or if your browser displays the multimedia in an another application external to the browser (helper application), you should consider adding plugins. For further details and suggestions about plugins, see the Plugins Help page.

An overview of the DataFace Web site is displayed in the Site Map.

Questions, suggestions, and problems concerning DataFace can be addressed to Joseph C. Hager at

Access to Visage is a technology preview only and has no user support or service guarantee.

FACSAID is offered on this Web site as a service without user support, and there is no guarantee of service. Authorization to use the FACSAID database with advanced tools is offered to bona fide scientists and students who conduct research on the face on a fee-for-service basis. Updated information on advanced FACSAID access is available on this page. To request more information about this paid service, fill out the online request form.

Technical Details

The Web pages are served by the Apache Group's Tomcat JSP Container, which runs on a RedHat Linux box.

The FACSAID and Visage data and the online articles and authors' homepages are managed by IBM DB2 Universal Database running on an IBM NetFinity and Windows NT 4.0 platform. The online articles and authors' homepages, FACSAID, and Visage are presented using JDBC in servlets to this database.

Visage and the FACSAID applications were constructed with IBM VisualAge for Java Enterprise Edition and/or Websphere Site Developer. The web pages and site were created using IBM WebSphere Site Developer.

IBM, HTTP Server, DB2 Universal Database, Net.Data, Websphere, Websphere Site Developer, and VisualAge are trademarks of IBM Corporation. Windows NT and Internet Explorer are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Apache and Tomcat are trademarks of the Apache Group. Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems.

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