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Available Products

Facial Action Coding System
Facial Action Coding System -- The complete FACS system is now on CD ROM. You get the FACS Manual, the Investigator's Guide, the practice video in mpeg format, and the images in various formats - all on a CD. For a complete description of the Facial Action Coding System see the FACS Section of this website.

Price each: US$260
Shipping: US$15
(any quantity)

Sorry, there are no discounts based on quantity ordered or your educational or other status.

FFT Processing
FACS Final Test Scoring -- The FACS Final Test (FFT) is a test of proficiency. Order Processing of your FFT when you are ready for the test. The one-time payment covers any re-test you may need. NOTE: ALL TESTING SHOULD BE COMPLETED BY THE END OF THIS YEAR (2014). [See the Testing Procedure.] The test materials are no longer available from this website. [The paperwork is no longer available here.]

Price each: US$20
(no shipping - results are returned via email)

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