The Surprise Expression

surprise expression of woman surprise expression of man good surprise expression
A. This simulation of a
surprise expression is
exaggerated, shown by
the upper eyelids raised
extremely and mouth
opened by too much of a
jaw drop. The eyebrows
are raised straight up
about the right amount
for a surprise expression .
She also has a slight
B. Here again the expression
is exaggerated by too great
of a jaw drop, and too tense
of a mouth opening, which is
constricted, but the
eyebrows are raised straight
up and the upper lids are
raised slightly, but not too
much. He shows typical
horizontal forehead wrinkles
from the brow raise.
C. Disregarding the gum,
this image shows a natural-
looking surprise expression.
The eyebrows are slightly
raised straight up, making
faint horizontal wrinkles on
the forehead, the upper
eyelid is raised slightly, the
mouth is opened by the jaw
drop, and the lips are

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