The Sad Expression

sad expression of baby sad expression of child sad expression of woman
A. The crying baby face
shows elements of the
sad expression: narrowed
eyes and raised cheeks,
eyebrows pulled
together, lip corners
pulled down, chin boss
pushed up, but also
includes lateral lip
stretching and has no
raising of the eyebows in
the center of the forehead .
B. A suffering child shows
a typical sad expression,
with narrowed eyes and
raised cheeks, eyebrows
pulled together and raised
in the center of forehead
forming wrinkles in the
glabella, and a slightly
pushed up chin boss. The
lips may be slightly pulled
laterally and downwards.
C. This depiction of sadness
shows the downturned lip
corners and pushed up chin
boss consistent with a sad
expression. Also, the eyes
are narrowed, but any
actions in the brow area are
obscured. Her posture,
gaze direction, and head
orientation help convey the
overall sad expression.

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