The Happy Expression: Signs of Happy Smiles and Deliberate Smiles

happy expression of baby happy expression of girl happy expression of woman
A. From infancy to old age,
smiling is a stable indicator
of a happy emotion in the
images above. Each happy
expression shows signs
of actual joy.
B. Images A-F show
oblique raising of the lip
corners, and wrinkling and
bulging of the cheeks
that is characteristic of
smiling in a happy expression.
C. The images above also
show the narrowing of the
eyelids, crowsfeet wrinkling
at the corners of the eyes,
and raising of the outer,
upper area of the cheeks,
indicating actual happiness.
fake happy expression of woman fake happy expression of man exaggerated happy expression
D. The models in the
images in the second
row are smiling for the
camera, and show
some of the clues to
detecting fake happy
expressions: lack of
an action or inappropriate
additional actions.
E. Images D and E show the
appropriate raising of the lip
corners (smile), but lack the
degree of narrowing of the
eyelids and crowsfeet
wrinkling that unite with the
smile to indicate an actual
happy emotion .
F. The model directly above
shows additional muscle
actions that are not part
of a happy smile: laterally
stretched lips and tensed
neck, and raised eyebrows.
The cheeks are also not
raised sufficiently to form
crowsfeet wrinkles.

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