The Fear Expression

partial fear expression blend of fear expression with surprise expression
A. This man is looking down at
a rat that is climbing his
chest, so the typical actions
of fear in the eyelids, raised
upper lids and tensed lower
lids, are obscured by his gaze
direction. The eyebrows are
pulled up, but do not show much
of the pulling together that would
indicate a fear expression in the
brow. The mouth is stretched
laterally, and the neck muscles
pulled. Though containing
elements of a fear expresion,
this person is probably not very
B. This woman portrays
the elements of a surprise
expression: eyebrows
raised straight up, upper
eyelids raised up, jaw
dropped and mouth open.
However, because of the
extreme drop of the jaw,
the lateral pull on the lip
corners causing the lips
to stretch, and the extreme
opening of the eyes, and
a tensed lower eyelid, a
blend with a fear expression
is created. Blends of a fear
expression and a surprise
expression are common .

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