The Angry Expression

angry expression of child angry expression with open mouth angry expression with closed mouth
A. Lowered eyebrows,that
are pulled together to
form wrinkles in the skin
of the forehead (glabella);
tensed and straightened
lower eyelids, and
tension in lips and mouth
characterize the anger
expression. The boy
above has pressed lips
with a slight pushing up
of the chinboss.
B. The man above shows
the open mouth form of an
anger expression. His lips
are tensed and thinned.
Like the other anger
expressions, his lower
eyelids are tensed and
straightened, the eyebrows
pulled down and together,
causing wrinkles in the glabella.
The upper eyelid is raised
causing a glaring look.
C. The woman above shows
the closed mouth form of an
anger expression, with lips
pressed together, aided by
a pushing up of the chin boss.
Like the other expressions,
her brows are pulled together,
though slightly, and her
lower eyelids are tensed
and straightened. The upper
eyelids are raised.

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