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3/4 View - Muscles of the Face and Head - This diagram shows the relatively superficial layers of muscles, with deeper structures hidden below the muscles shown and the fascia depicted. The names of the tissues labeled in the diagram and a short sketch of their functions, from the top and left to right, are:

  • Galea aponeurotica - tough tissue on the top of the skull
  • Frontalis - pulls the eyebrows up and is the basis of AUs 1 and 2 in FACS
  • Auricularis superioris - may move the ears
  • Auricularis anterior - may move the ears
  • Ligmentum palpebrale - a small muscle at the corner of the eye
  • Orbicularis oculi - squints the eyes, and the part that is labeled, or outer part, is the basis for AU 6 in FACS; the inner part, mostly on the eyelids is the basis for AU 7 in FACS
  • Quadratus labii superioris - a muscle in the medial cheek and nose are that has multiple strands, including:
  • Levator labii superioris alaque nasi or Caput angulare - wrinkles the nose and is the basis for AU 9 in FACS
  • Levator labii superioris or Caput infraobitalis - pulls the upper lip upwards and is the basis of AU 10 in FACS
  • Caput zygomatic - more lateral strand often not separately distinguished
  • Caninus (Levator anguli oris) - elevates the lateral parts of the lips and is the basis for AU 13 in FACS
  • Zygomatic - retracts and pulls the lip corners upwards has major part which is the basis of AU 12 in FACS and minor part which is the basis of AU 11 in FACS
  • Fascia parotideomasseterica - covering the masseter muscleand parotid gland is a sheet of fascia tissue
  • Risorius - retracts the lip corners and is the basis of AU 20 in FACS
  • Quadratus (Depressor) labii inferioris- pulls the lower lip down and is the underlying muscle of AU 16
  • Depressor anguli oris (Triangularis) - pulls the corners of the mouth downwards and is the basis of AU 15 in FACS
  • Transversus menti (Mentalis) - pushes chin up and wrinkles chin boss and is basis of FACS AU 17
  • Trapezius - a large muscle in the area of the back shoulder, that has some fibers in the neck
  • Platysma - a large muscle that lies under the jaw and down the neck to the upper chest, and is the basis of AU 21 in FACS
  • Sternocleidomastoid - a ribbon-like muscle running along the side of the neck that tilts the head right or left

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