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hyoid bone
Above: Hyoid bone
Above: Mandible or Jaw bone showing features
palatine bones
Above: Palatine bones
vomer bone
Above: Vomer bone in sectional view with other bones
lacrimal bone
Above: Lacrimal bone

The diagrams above show the individual facial bones in more detail. The hyoid bone is in the throat and supports the tongue. The hyoid muscles attach to this bone. The mandible or jaw bone is the largest and strongest facial bone and forms the lower jaw. The palatine bones form part of the mouth and nasal cavities. The vomer bone is a single bone in center of the nasal cavities. The lacrimal bone is a small and fragile bone at the inner orbit of the eye through which the lacrimal duct runs. Other facial bones include the concha in the nostril of the nose and the nasal bones that form the nasal bridge.

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